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Birds & Beans

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Our little shop

We want to welcome our community to join our journey in becoming more environmentally conscious in order to take the steps towards a better future for all.

We choose all our products with sustainability in mind. Everything has been consciously selected, from the flour in our treats, the coffee beans we use, and the products on our shelves.

Promote a culture of caring is our core value!

taste and perception.

Our lovely baristas

We are your final destination for that great cup of coffee you are desiring.

Our baristas have been carefully selected and trained to get the best of our beautiful beans filling your cup not only with coffee but with love.


Pouring Coffee
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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


We proudly use coffee from Birds and Beans Coffee Roasters, a company with more than 20 years of experience that stands out for their ethics.


All of our coffee menu uses Bird Friendly® Certify coffee which implies:

  • It's Organic

  • It's made in the shade

  • Maintains the Biodiversity

  • Grow under ecologically beneficial practices

  • Support bird conservation

  • Support healthy environment

  • Support the livelihood of small-scale farmers

Together, we can make a difference!


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